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At Sydney Kebab we take pride in being Australia’s Leading Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Premium Kebab Meat, bringing three decades of expertise to your table. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our dedication to providing only the freshest quality doner meat.

Why fresh? Because we believe that only the finest, freshly sourced meats can truly enhance the flavours of your kebab. Picture a doner kebab that’s not just soft, juicy, and tasty, but an experience that transports you to the heart of authentic Turkish cuisine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Doner Kebab refers to a meat that is stacked and prepared on a vertical spit, forming a cylinder shape. The name is derived from two Turkish terms, ‘Doner’ meaning rotate, and ‘Kebap’ meaning grilled meat. The popular dish is said to have emerged in the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) during the 19th century, after which it became widespread across the Middle East. It also turned out to be one of the most popular street foods in Germany during the 1960s. Our wholesale kebab meat prices are reasonable and we guarantee fresh quality, always!

A typical doner kebab meat for sale is made using lamb. In recent times, chicken and falafel (chickpeas) are also commonly used to make kebabs. The ingredients in a doner kebab include certified halal lamb, salt, white pepper, onion powder, breadcrumbs, natural seasoning and natural flavouring. We make top quality kebabs that are properly analysed for content before sending out to our clients. Our state-of-the-art machinery produces the best kebabs with fewer errors and more consistency.

Yes. You can freeze doner meat, as well as defrost and reheat for consumption the next day. But here’s the caveat – After you buy doner meat kebab meat, you should freeze and reheat it only once. A few precautions must be taken before freezing the meat.

  • After you’ve eaten enough, put the remaining meat in the fridge as soon as the food gets completely cold.
  • If there’s any sauce or salad in it, remove them before freezing. Rinse a little, if required.
  • Do NOT freeze or use the doner meat if it was kept outside the entire night.

Shawarma is a popular dish of the Middle East, and is now served in many other countries too. Both these dishes are pretty much similar. The fact that they’re both prepared in a rotisserie is what has created the confusion.

The first difference is the origin of the dishes. While the doner kebab meat for sale is a Turkish food, shawarma originated in the middle eastern region and is derived from the doner kebab. Another difference is how they’re served. Doner kebab is served on the skewer placed directly on a plate, whereas shawarma is usually served as a wrap.

There are different ways with which you can easily reheat frozen doner meat. You can reheat it either in a microwave oven or a stove. Even though heating in a microwave is quick and easy, reheating on a stove is usually better.

In a microwave, place the meat on a plate and cover it with plastic wrap. Heat in on the highest power for up to 2 minutes. Continue heating if it’s not hot enough. The dish must be served hot.

If heating in a stove, place the meat on medium heat, and cook it until it gets very hot. Make sure to move the doner meat around the pan to distribute the heat evenly. This usually takes approximately 6 minutes. For safety, freeze and reheat just once after you buy doner meat kebab meat.

The answer is quite simple – fresh meat! Only the freshest quality doner meat will be flavourful. This is also how you get a doner kebab that’s soft, juicy, and tasty. No matter the type of meat used to prepare the dish, it has to be fresh.

When meat is kept too long in the freezer and is no longer in its prime, it’ll lose the ability to enhance the flavours of the ingredients. We always make sure to only supply the best meat at a reasonable doner meat wholesale price to let you enjoy an authentic Turkish kebab!

Our Point of Difference:

  • No artificial colours
  • No artificial flavours
  • No added preservatives
  • Gluten free option
  • Certified halal
  • RSPCA approved meats only.
  • 100% Australian meat