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1999 - New Start

After years of marinating, basting, cooking, and serving kebabs at home for family and friends we noted that there was nothing available in the market like what we were making at home. We decided to make a start of our mission to bring what we love so much to the masses for purchase on a wholesale level so everyone can share our love of good kebabs too. We had a very distinct advantage on our side. We were blessed with the best lamb and beef in the world. Australian lamb is unarguably second to none in the world.

Our humble beginnings started in 1999 in the Sydney suburb of Yagoona. We decided to make a proper go of it and purchased a small kebab manufacturing business. There, we started from pretty much scratch to manufacture and distribute kebabs made with meats and spices only, and nothing else, absolutely no nasties whatsoever. We found that making kebabs this way was not cheap. We realised that we needed more customers to come on board to give us buying power to reduce costs.

About Us

2005 New Factory- New Team

First 6 years has not by any means easy. However, our small business has started to make an impact on the market. By now we had a great team of experts and we found ourselves a new larger factory. We purchased modern machinery and fitted out our new factory with the best refrigeration system of the time. After all, making kebabs safely means good temperature control and good timing. By 2010 most kebab shops around realised our products were infinitely superior to all else that was available in the market and more shops chose to sell our kebabs. Our business started to flourish into something larger than what we had hoped for.

About Us


We have the right recipe. Amazingly simple recipe at that. Meats and Chickens and nothing but old-fashioned spices. Absolutely no nasties whatsoever. Our sales are skyrocketing, our customers are prospering rapidly using the most expensive product in the industry, others are enquiring and becoming regular clients. Our products are stars of the industry.

Over the next few years our business snowballed into a much larger operation that needed a factory to match Even the local Council thought we were too big for the area which prompted us to find our current factory in Wetherill Park of Sydney.

About Us

2017 New Factory New Team

Just before moving into our new factory we expanded our team with new members. Having any experience in kebabs was never a pre-requisite with us and now less than ever. After all, personality is what really shines in what we do.

About Us

2018 Setback

After architecturally designing and properly engineering our new factory to internationally desired standards on paper, we were let down by the construction management of our project. We pretty much moved into our new factory and found it failed to function as we needed it to. Intended use was overlooked!!!!! We were not going to compromise, and we were always going to survive, we owed that to the industry and to our customers. We properly re-engineered our brand-new food manufacturing plant to suit our intended use with more than double the costs. We now have a large factory that works like a Swiss time piece.



Here at Sydney Kebab Manufacturers and Distributors Pty Ltd we do all that we do with love. Our ambition is for everybody to share our products. Our purpose is to provide the most wholesome kebabs on earth and do all we can to deliver a product that is infinitely superior to all else.
We have learned to keep it simple, trust our insight and value what we stand for. Most importantly we have fun and feel good about what we do.

Management Team

Our management team comprises of three working directors all rich in experience and proficient in their respective fields of expertise. Secret of our success partly is being able to utilise where our people shine to bring to life the best outcome when all relevant input converges into one outcome that benefits all parties involved.

Our management team is ready to assist any enquires you may have.

Doner Kebab Meat Wholesale management team
Doner Kebab Meat Wholesale factory

Factory Details

At our much larger and modern current premises commissioned into service in April of 2018 we used most up to date plant and equipment available in the industry. We are located at very close proximity to major arterial roads and have a modern fleet of refrigerated vehicles to service the Metropolitan and Grater Sydney areas.

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