Lamb Kebabs

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As with everything in the food industry quality of meat can fluctuate. Seasonal variations, state of drought and age of the animal can all affect the final produce -therefore the end product.

In addition to our supplier register, created to act as an umbrella to supplement our Quality Assurance System, we are constantly scrutinizing our suppliers on succulent lamb meat.
Our meat comes mainly from Victorian High Country for its crisp clean air, variety of feed and climate seems to have a direct positive influence on the meat itself and we are not the only ones aware of this as all the meat we buy is processed for export, individually inspected stamped and wrapped in airtight packaging for overseas transport yet ends-up in our factory to become the Lamb Kebab we’ve all grown to love.



Certified Halal Lamb, Salt, Onion powder, Vegetable oil, Natural Seasoning, Natural Flavouring and Soy sauce.
Allergen Statement:
Contains Gluten and Soy Products; May Contain Traces of Wheat and Nuts.