Chicken Kebabs

Chicken KebabsChicken Kebabs

We know how things can get over a Twelve Month period in the Chicken supply.

Quality, price, availability, size and freshness can all fluctuate.
To overcome this problem, we have suppliers who are registered by us that supply goods and products to us. That is because we cannot assure our quality system unless we have an umbrella of control over suppliers of goods and services. Supplying a product to Sydney Kebab Manufacturers is not as easy as agreeing on a price. We purchase only high quality raw products and only from our registered suppliers.

All suppliers of goods and services to Sydney Kebab Manufacturers are required to be approved in order to supply and to achieve Registered Supplier status. Sydney Kebab may wish to conduct an audit of supplier’s premises after which unless otherwise is required The Supplier is issued with a Supplier Letter [GMP Form 9a], explaining the criteria for Sydney Kebab’s Approved Supplier Program; as well as a Supplier Declaration [GMP Form 9c], indicating The Supplier’s understanding of Sydney Kebab’s requirements and acknowledging The Supplier’s commitment and support after which if they meet the criteria required, they will be welcomed and registered as an approved supplier to Sydney Kebab Manufacturers. Suppliers of products must also have a Food Safety program in place which is acceptable.



Certified Halal Chicken, Salt, White pepper, Red Paprika,
Garlic, Natural Seasoning and Natural Flavouring.